Simi is ‘Restless’ with love, sounds from the other side and other talking points from her new EP

Having already made impression this year with ‘Duduke’ which, reportedly, has garnered over 13 million streams, Simi returned with another single, ‘No longer beneficial’ to mark her return from maternity leave following the birth of Adejare, with Adekunle Gold.

‘No longer beneficial’ was a forerunner to her EP, ‘Restless II’ which was made available publicly yesterday. ‘Restless II’ becomes her second EP after the first ‘Restless’ was released in 2014, subsequently winning her a deal with X3M Music.
On the new EP, Simi says:

“My second ‘Restless’ EP is a symbol of my search for a new journey on the same path. May the force be with me.”

On the six-track project, Simi once again proves that she is inseparable with love. It is her forte and she is not shy about it. Her previous works have largely explored love – to varying degrees though. ‘No longer beneficial’ discusses a friends-with-benefit scenario which the other party wants to elevate to love but is met with rebuttal.

‘Bites the dust’ and ‘Triggered’ are also about love gone sour. ‘There for you’ and ‘Undeserving’ are mainstream love. Ms Banks does justice with her rap lines on ‘There for you’ while WurlD brought the guns to ‘Triggered’.

There is the obvious experimentation with music styles on the EP perhaps with an intention to add ‘sounds from the other side’ to her portfolio with Simi exploring rap, R&B and pop, among others. The 32-year old may also be shaping up for international features.

The track with Adekunle Gold, ‘Bites the dust,’ sounds ironic given that the two are married but are found singing about chasing each other out of the house in the middle of the night. It is perhaps an attempt at glorifying story-telling.

For a six-track EP which was mixed by the singer herself, ‘Restless II’ serves as an opportunity to test the waters before releasing an album while still staying in the headlines.

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