Lil Frosh’s fall before rise; a step in the right direction for the industry

The trending tale of violence between Lil Frosh and girlfriend, Gift Camille has reached its climax with Lil Frosh’s contract with Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) now officially terminated by Davido, the overseer of the label.

Davido made this known via his Twitter and Instagram pages, posting a typed document that the label, following an internal investigation, more or less found Lil Frosh guilty, and would not condone acts of domestic violence. In other words, it was time to pack the bags for Lil Frosh.

Lil Frosh, born Sanni Goriola Wasiu, has spent about a year in Davido’s music circle and has not less than five singles to his name. Being signed to DMW is already a hint at his potentials and he would have been expected to go all the way in making a name for himself. And name has he made for himself, just not in the way that music fans anticipated. For a career that has barely begun, this is perhaps the possible biggest blow it can be dealt.

Of course, it is totally of his own making and he’s even lucky that the whistle was just blown. His talent may have opened the doors for him but his character has slammed them in his face. Where his career goes from here is anybody’s guess.

However, in an industry where many allegations of sexual abuse and domestic violence have largely gone by with only social commotion and no real consequence, this represents a big step in the right direction. The conferment of celebrity status should not be associated with immunity or untouchability. It should not also be an excuse for excesses.

Music management bodies should take a cue from the decision of DMW to instill the much-needed order and discipline. Flamboyance is an essential ingredient of showbiz but there should be limits and a lil-check. Lil Frosh has learned the hard way.

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